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Milk Boosting Mini Course

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Lily Yeoh
Lily Yeoh
Lactation Consultant | Content Enterpreneur | Breastfeeding Educator | Founder of Anggugu
About Course

Are you over-thinking? Or do you really have low milk supply? Find out before you start!

This free mini course contains the first 2 modules from Milk Boosting Masterclass, designed to help moms understand milk production and causes of low milk supply, so that they can work on a proper milk boosting plan.

Who should take this course?

  • Moms who doubted their milk supply.
  • Tempted to take Milk Supply Masterclass but hesitated to sign up.
  • Had low milk supply issues before and wanted to prepare for the next baby.

What will you learn?

  • This course will help you understand: how do you know your milk supply is considered as ENOUGH.
  • Not giving you false hope. You’ll learn about your success rate according to your situation.
  • You’ll learn about how far your breasts/body condition will affect milk supply, and even if your breasts are failing you, what are the things you can do to increase milk supply.
  • If you never had milk supply issues, but it dropped suddenly, maybe you do not need to sign up for the paid course at all! This free mini course explores some of the common reasons of milk supply drop.
  • Tempted to sign up but hesitating? Take this free mini course, and you might find your answer. Perhaps this free course is enough for you to find a direction; or perhaps you will find out that you really need guidance. It’s free, give it a try.

Course Content

104-00 Stepping Into the Milk Boosting Journey

  • 104-00a How Would You Rate My Milk Volume?
  • 104-00B Is It Too Late for Me to Boost My Milk Supply?
  • 104-00c Increasing Milk Supply – The Key to Success
  • 104-00d So… I Made This Up To Help Us All

104-01 Low Milk Supply – Overview

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