Strategy to Increase Milk Supply in 11 Days

Yes, it is possible to increase your milk production in 11 days. With the correct method and a written strategy, you can produce more milk for your precious little one!

Strategy to Increase Milk Supply in 11 Days

This is a course bundle: Pumping Masterclass + Milk Supply Masterclass.

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Who Is This Course For?

This course is made for mothers who are facing low milk supply issues. This course can help you find out the causes of low milk supply and how to fix it in 11 days. Plus, with this strategy, you can maintain your increased milk volume!

How To Ask Questions?

If your questions are figurative, you are welcome to leave a message in the course topic comments section; if your question are actual breastfeeding problems you are CURRENTLY facing, please make an appointment with Lily and ask questions directly.

This course will help you solve these problems:

After executing the 11 days strategy, you will be able to provide more breastmilk to your baby.

You will have a well-defined plan with specific actions set out to increase milk production.

If your low milk supply was caused by A, but you attempt milk-boosting method B, you are heading towards the wrong way. This course will help you find out which is the right way to proceed.

This course will show you the common traps and landmines hidden in your milk boosting journey, so that you can avoid stepping on them, thus a smoother and safer breastfeeding journey!

You will learn about how to eat and what to eat in order to have a good milk supply.



Pumping Masterclass


103-00 Breastmilk Pumping

  • Is It True That Milk Supply Will Drop When Moms Go Back To Work?
  • When is the Best Time to Start Pumping?
  • Direct Latching Makes More Milk?


103-01 Breastpump Related Knowledge

  • Do You Really Need to Buy a Breastpump?
  • How to Choose a Breastpump
  • The Best Breastpump in the Market?
  • How to Make Sure You Got Your Breastpump Flange Right?
  • Hand-held VS Handsfree Pumping
  • How Often Should You Replace the Pump Accessories?
  • Cleaning and Sterilizing Breastpump Parts
  • Breastpump Shopping Note


103-02 Pumping Related Knowledge

  • The Best Suction Level to Pump
  • What To Do If Pumping Causes Sore Nipples?
  • How Do I Know How Much I Need to Pump?
  • How Do I know If My Breasts Are Emptied?
  • How Long Should I Pump For Each Session?
  • What If I Can’t Reach My Targeted Milk Amount?
  • The Slacker Boob
  • What Do You Know About 「Pumping on Time」?
  • Pumping Planner


103-03 Dealing with Expressed Breastmilk

  • Breastmilk Storage Guide
  • Storing Breastmilk the Right Way
  • Before Building Your Milk Stash, Watch This!
  • How Much Milk Should I Store in My Freezer?
  • Last In First Out or First In First Out?
  • Warming EBM


103-04 Work + Breastfeed

  • How Much EBM You Need Prepare Before Going Back to Work?
  • Bottle Feeding Your Breastfed Baby
  • The Nanny
  • How to Plan Your Pumping Schedule
  • Protect Your Pumping Rights
  • How to Pump and Store Milk at Work
  • Breastpump Bag Checklist


103-05 How to Tweak Your Existing Pumping Schedule

  • So, You Wanna Adjust Your Pumping Schedule?
  • Is This Oversupply?
  • Oversupply? Start With This.
  • How to Reduce Pumping Sessions Without Getting Plugged Ducts?
  • Help! Plugged Ducts!


Milk Supply Masterclass


104-00 Stepping Into the Milk Boosting Journey

  • How Would You Rate My Milk Volume?
  • Is It Too Late for Me to Boost My Milk Supply?
  • Increasing Milk Supply – The Key to Success
  • So… I Made This Up To Help Us All
  • Please watch these Pumping Masterclass videos before moving on


104-01 Low Milk Supply – Overview

  • The Milk Supply Equation
  • Maybe It’s My Body?
  • The Milk Supply Killer
  • Is This Insufficient Milk Supply? Or Is It…?
  • Sudden Decrease in Milk Supply
  • Where Do I Start?
  • Get Your Personalized Strategy Handbook


104-02 Do I really need to Direct Latch to increase supply?

  • Are You Doomed to Fail If You Did Not Breastfeed Directly?
  • If You Still Breastfeed Directly, Do This to Increase Milk
  • Exclusively Pumping Moms, Do This to Increase Milk
  • How Is This Even Possible?


104-03 What Can I Eat to Increase Supply?

  • Let’s Talk About Food and Milk Volume
  • Milk Boosters, The Miraculous Food
  • Are Milk-Killer Food That Scary?
  • What Are Milk Cloggers?
  • The Easier Milk Supply Diet Plan
  • The More Specific Milk Supply Diet Plan
  • I Drank Lots of Water but My Milk Supply Did Not Increase
  • The Risky Milk Boosters
  • Is It Possible to Increase Milk Supply by Just Eating Milk Booster?


104-04 What Can I Do To Increase Supply?

  • Choices in Life VS Your Milk Supply
  • No One Will Sell You This Ultimate Milk Booster
  • Doing This at Night Will Help Your Milk Supply
  • The “Safest” Contraception For Breastfeeding Mom
  • Menses and Breastfeeding
  • Some Unconventional Milk Boosting Tricks


104-05 How Do I Pump To Increase Supply?

  • The Strategy Roadmap
  • THE Breastpump
  • I Pumped in Time, But Why Is My Supply Still Low?
  • What Happens If You Pump More Than Once at Night?
  • So You Think Power Pumping Is the Ultimate Weapon?


104-06 How To Push Through My Doubts?

  • All These Efforts, Would It Go to Waste?
  • Is It Worth It to Do All These?
  • I Don’t Have the Time to Do This, What Can I Do?
  • When Should I Throw in The Towel?


104-07 And the Milk Boosting Journey Ends…

  • I Did the Thing. What’s Next?