Lily Yeoh

IBCLC | Founder of Anggugu | Content Creator | Influencer

Lily Yeoh


2011 - Present

Lactation Consultant

Certified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant from year 2011 – 2021, I have been doing breastfeeding consultation and conducted monthly antenatal breastfeeding classes until year 2020. After the Covid-19 pandemic hit, I’ve stopped conducting physical classes and changed my classes into online classes instead. I’m giving free breastfeeding consultation online.

2016 - 2013

Breastfed My 2 Children

I started breastfeeding my son since he was born in year 2006, and continue breastfeeding him when I was expecting my daughter, then tandem nursed both of them after my daughter was born. Both of my children were exclusively breastfed, and weaned when they were around 3½ years old.

2003 - 2005

Game Magazine Editor

I was an editor in a Chinese Game magazine under Munsang Poh (M) Sdn Bhd. Although my job as an editor was to write gaming related articles, this is where I observed how typesetting was done. Valuable experiences gained in this workplace enabled me to write articles, publish my own breastfeeding booklet, and script my YouTube videos.

About Me

A mother of 2 children. IT graduate major in multimedia. Scorpio. Blood type B. Book worm. Weeb. Enjoy binging TV series. MCU fan. Seiyuu fan.  Gamer. Nintendo fan. Hanae Natsuki’s super fangirl. Know a bit of: Japanese language, baking, drawing, writing, graphic design, typesetting, video editing, audio editing. Love sciencey stuff, love sci-fi, love gadgets. Not interested in fashion and beauty stuffs. Introvert



Annual GOLD Lactation Conferences




Health e-Learning Breast-Ed Courses


Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies

How I Rate myself

Breastfeeding Experience 90%
Breastfeeding Knowledge 80%
Tech Savvy 71%
Influence 79%
Empathy 85%